Must Watch: President Trump Releases Video Of McCain Promising To Have Him Uncovered

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  1. Randy Sieg says:

    Being no true hero John McCain stands against President Trump… McCain is Despicable… Absolutely Pathetic… Contemptible… he disregards the very people he is supposed to represent… being filled with so much hate is not a good condition for the soul of someone facing death… McCain has become a disgrace and an embarrassment to Arizona and the nation… As a Soros stooge and a globalist he is a poster child for “term limits”… DRAIN THE SWAMP MR. PRESIDENT…

  2. McCain has lived on stolen valor. He was not tortured by the enemy, his arms were broken when he ejected himself improperly from the plane, and broke his own arms. McCains father was the commander of the whole pacific Fleet, so he received better treatment than most did. He told things he should not have told, the men called him the “Songbird”.

  3. Kay says:

    nixon’s pardon of this man was a huge mistake, he should be tried for treasonous behaviour then and now.

  4. It’s so true John McCain told the nation about his being a POW, and that make him one of the GREATEST LIARS just like OBAMA !!!!!!!!

    1. Marie. Oser says:

      I recently read the Navy motto which advocates “country before self” . McCain is true to himself, traitor.

  5. Helga renfro says:

    Arizona had one of the highest increases of the Obama-care 17% or higher. Mc. Cain is a bitter old man angry because the American people didn’t vote for him and now he is punishing even his own constituency be voting against everything that would help his people. Why they have continuously re-elected him is mysterious but of course his wife is extremely wealthy and I am sure filthy rich donors that he plays favors to. He has been involved in several big scandals but because of that overinflated WAR HERO status no body wants to touch him. He is a crook and a fraud and if truth be known not so much a hero at all.

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