Steelers Owner Gets DESPERATE,Sends Out Panicked Letter To Fans After They Burn Jerseys

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  1. Alma says:

    Now the back pedaling begins!

  2. Gregory Tellerman says:

    Burn EVERY ONE of them, right in FRONT of ALL NFL owners who stood silent as these OVERPAID PUNKS disrespected out Flag. No other way to say it… the NFL is going to go down and I can’t wait until it does.

  3. Rebecca Henson says:

    There is no adequate excuses to justify why some of the guys took a knee during the anthem and in front of the American flag. It was clear defiance of everything America is and stands for. Each who kneeled at that very moment declared their rebellion against America. It would be foolish to ask sincere and Patriot Americans to overlook these defiant players. Until these purportrators of defiance are fired and replaced, I know of nothing else that can be done to bring the NFL back to its former glory.

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